How to Make Your Pop-Up Buzz in a Cafe Environment

Whether you’re grinding the beans and brewing the coffee itself or simply launching a pop-up store in an existing café, these are our tips for setting up a temporary space that creates a buzz

Serve artisan coffee

Pop-ups are exclusive by nature, which means all concepts have to be executed with meticulous attention to detail. If you’re incorporating caffeine into your pop-up campaign, serving up lacklustre instant brews just isn’t an option. If you don’t have the budget or infrastructure to serve artisan coffee, why not toy with the idea of teaming up with a local business? They’ll get a chance to turn a profit and score free publicity, and you’ll ensure that coffee connoisseurs give your pop-up stellar reviews.

Separate the café from the concept

For example, the cat café craze has swept the globe, with everyone from New Yorkers to Londoners flocking to snuggle up with feline friends. But, the fact is that from a health and safety perspective, food and animals just don’t mix. So, it always pays to toy with the idea of separating the café from the concept. The two can still complement each other

Create boundaries

Pop-ups aren’t designed to be permanent, which can create issues when retailing within a permanent space. For example, if your handcrafted jewellery store is popping up in a café, it’s important to enhance the customer experience, not detract from it. Choose your location wisely, and make sure it’s not imposing on the purpose of the café itself. For example, you may choose to

Create a concept

When it comes to concept pop-up cafes, Volvo knows a thing or two about how to create a buzz. To celebrate the launch of its latest S60 sports sedan and SUV Cross Country models, Volvo launched a Swedish inspired cultural café in the heart of a major Korean city. As well as spotlighting the country’s unique coffee culture, the venue showcased a myriad of iconic Swedish brands, from cooking, fashion and music to interior décor and outdoor exploration. It enchanted Koreans, with customers flocking to soak up the Swedish ambience. But ultimately, the pop-up wasn’t about coffee. It was generating publicity for Volvo’s latest models, cleverly disguised as an immersive Swedish experience.

A sense of exclusivity

Pop-ups go hand in hand with a sense of exclusivity, so if you’re launching a temporary store be sure to treat customers to something they can’t find elsewhere. For example, if you run an artisan cookie business and you’re planning to pop-up in a local café, create a limited edition flavour to celebrate the partnership and bring a splash of excitement to the table. Customers may be able to purchase your core flavours elsewhere, but your café pop-up is the only place they’ll be able to get their hands on a mocha flavoured cookie!

Looking for coveted pop-up spaces across London and Dubai? Get in touch today to chat about cafes that would love to host your pop-up store, or spaces that are craving a caffeine fix.

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