Payment Options For Pop Up Stores

Exclusive, fleeting and temporary by definition, pop-up stores are one of the decade’s biggest retail trends. But due to their temporary nature, setting up long-term payment processing systems isn’t always efficient. Or even possible for that matter. This means that if you’re planning on launching a pop-up it’s essential to explore all the latest payment options available to you.

Ease of payment categorically helps to boost sales, and maximise the chances of converting browsers to customers. By looking beyond tangible money, you’ll eliminate that pesky ‘cash only’ hurdle, increase customer options and make it as easy as possible for people to spend in your pop-up store.


When it comes to star power, payments company Square is a celebrity contender. Arming pop-up retailers with iPad-powered cash registers, Square’s ultra-user friendly point sale technology makes processing payments a dream. Its on-trend business model has won it attention from the likes of Kanye West, who used its sleek iPad cash registers to power his wildly hyped pop-up Life of Pablo stores in the US, Canada and Australia. In New York City alone, Square helped Kanye’s merch pop-up store flog more than US$1 million in just one weekend. Not to mention the fact that it’s favoured as the exclusive POS solution for major US music festivals such as Napa Valley’s BottleRock, California’s Coachella and New York’s Panorama in New York.


More than simply a solution that shot to fame in conjunction with eBay, PayPal has revolutionised the way the world sends and receives money. Already, it offers market traders its incredibly convenient PayPal Here service, which uses a handheld chip and pin reader device to accept payments from any debit or credit card. Now, its added built-in NFC technology into the mix which means pop-up vendors are able to process contactless payments in a matter of seconds.

If you’re not keen to invest a one-off fee in the PayPal Here reader, you can also process payments via email or online invoicing. Both you and your customers will need to have internet connectivity to finalise the transaction. Not only is PayPal a fantastic way to process payments in a pop-up context, but it also steps up as a holistic business solution.

Next generation technology

Trust Dubai to push boundaries when it comes to innovation. Thanks to a new partnership between payment solutions providers Quisk Middle East and Network International, pop-ups could soon be able to process in-store payments using nothing but their mobile phone numbers, and a secured PIN


It’s always great to have multiple payment options on offer, but there’s no denying that cash still remains one of the most popular ways to pay. Make sure you have a well-stocked float on-hand to avoid missing out on sales simply because you have no change. You should also be meticulous about your records, and ensure that you write down each and every cash sale you make.

Payment options pay a hugely important role in the conversion process, and the value of offering customers variety should never be underestimated.


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